Project Description

nameShaker was designed, developed and deployed on the App Store in 2011. It was an app I created that generated names from a database created using OpenGov data. There were the most popular names for each decade going back to 1911.

Users could generate names by shaking the device, which triggers the built-in accelerometer to select a name at random. Users could then view stats about that name, add the name to a favourites list, or share the name via e-mail.

Original App Store description: Do you need some inspiration deciding on a name? nameShaker allows you to view the top 100 girls and boys names for every decade from 1904 until 2009. Simply shake your iPhone to generate a random name from the year of your choice! Easily save your favourite names, organise them by rank and view their popularity over the years. Most importantly share your favourite names with the people whose opinion you value!

Project Details

  • Skills

    UI / UX

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  • Client

    Self Initiated

  • Project Date

    July 1, 2011